Into The Bends of Time - Shaken Earth Vol. 2

Jamie L. Keesecker

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‘Into the Bends of Time’ weaves a narrative that drops you into an exciting world of swift counterpoint and deep grooves. Although new, the gaze of the musical style often shifts to the past through harmonies akin to jazz music of the Sixties and Seventies and the chiptune synthesizer music of the late Eighties and early Nineties. This recording showcases the masterful performers alongside the composer’s innovative incorporation of electronics into the acoustic ensemble. This offers an expansion of the conventional coloristic palette of jazz-influenced classical music to achieve a rich post-human symphonic sound.

The piece gets its name from the notion of real-time computer-assisted processing of converting sound into electrical energy waves as digital data. That data is then artfully modified and converted back into signal and thus returned to the world as processed sound. In this way, the musician’s sound is ‘bent’ in time by the computer.

Into The Bends of Time for large chamber ensemble and electronics. Written by Jamie L. Keesecker. Recorded by Keesecker and Rick Nelson.

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